Happy Poetry Day

It’s Aotearoa’s National Poetry Day today and the Meow Gurrrls are celebrating with a series of poetry videos we uploaded recently to our Youtube channel: ‘Papatuanuku’ by Abra Sandi King, ‘Our Need’ and ‘Stroke’ by Mary Macpherson, ‘To My Daughter’ and ‘Desire Undressed’ by Sudha Rao, and my own ‘Too Late for the Manatees’ and ‘Again the Gemini’. Shout-out to Landfall for publishing ‘Too Late for the Manatees’ and the 6press for publishing ‘Again the Gemini’.

Meow Gurrls Mary Macpherson, Mary-Jane Duffy and I will be on Radio Active‘s Caffeine and Aspirin show at 10:30am tomorrow (27th August 2022), following on from Sudha Rao and Rewa Morgan who were interviewed on Caffeine and Aspirin last week.

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