Ngā Mihi o Te Tau Hou Pākehā

Happy New Year! It’s been a rough few years globally. Here’s hoping we turn a corner.

A nice thing happened at the end of last year – a few lines from one of my poems was included in an excellent prize-winning essay by Padmasayee Papineni, a Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Acute Medicine in London. Dr Papineni’s essay was published in The Lancet and is about compassion in treating tuberculosis. Feeling very honoured to have made a tiny contribution. The poem is The Lift.

Also last year, the poem I wrote for the Dante anthology, More Favourable Waters (The Cuba Press) appeared in Miglior acque. 33 poeti neozelandesi e italiani rispondono al Purgatorio di Dante, (Marco Sonzogni and Matteo Bianchi, Samuele Editore 2022). The translator is Franca Mancinelli and the translation can be read here.

I love it when my work goes on to have adventures without me.

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