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Just thought I would get in early to wish everyone all the best for a wonderful 2011.

Peter & I had a lovely time in Nelson over Christmas, visiting his family, catching the exhibitions at the Suter, hearing some very good blues by Storehouse at the Freehouse and hanging out at the McCashin’s Brewery in Stoke (winner of the ‘Keep New Zealand Beautiful Peoples Choice Best Place in New Zealand’ in 2010 – Stoke, not the brewery, although the brewery is a fine place offering comfy couches & decent coffee as well as a beer garden, shop & tasting place – Rochdale cider, Stoke beers and vodka made from a 26,000 year-old spring).  We also took a day trip to the beautiful Nelson Lakes.


Rotoiti - peninsular walk

Janis & Peter at Rotoroa


And in other news, the latest version of Auckland-based online journal Trout came out recently and I have 4 poems in it (The Tide Rises at Christchurch Art Gallery, Museum Piece, Hermit & Zot and the Axolotls).  The last three will be coming out in my new book, Kingdom Animalia: the Escapades of Linnaeus, due out from Auckland University Press in May 2011.  Trout 16 also features Anna Jackson, Vivienne Plumb, Helen Rickerby, Richard von Sturmer, Sonia Yelich and many other great poets – well worth a browse.

Rainbow trout

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In leafy Bloomsbury, the pigeons are straining their collars.
They are printing out the rain’s alphabet on the cobbles,

the muttering in their throats is the sound of water in gutters,
their utterance the consonants of Aeschylus. O Virginia, the birds!

As children, Cassandra and her brother slept the night in Apollo’s
sanctuary and at dawn were found entwined by sacred snakes,

their tongues flicking the children’s ears to clean them
so they could hear especially the voices of animals and birds,

and understand the divine language of nature. Listen!
The pigeons are describing you, and predicting your future.

Melissa Green

Melissa Green is the author of two books of poetry, The Squanicook Eclogues, and Fifty-Two.  She has also written a memoir, Color Is the Suffering of Light, and is finishing work on a book about Héloïse and Abélard. She lives near Boston, Massachusetts in the US.

This week, the Tuesday Poets are having a ‘Secret Santa’ exchange where we post each other’s poems.  I’m delighted to have been paired with Melissa Green and be able to post this lovely poem.   I’ve always been attracted to the idea that we can read the future through the natural world and I love the sounds echoing through the poem (collars/cobbles; muttering/gutters/ utterance).  Thanks Melissa!

You can read the other Tuesday poems by clicking on the quill to the left.  Melissa’s blog is Vesper Sparrow’s Nest.



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