Panoply of Poets

If you missed it, you might want to check out Simon Sweetman and Wellington City Library’s “festive panoply of poets” that ran on the WCL blog in the countdown to Christmas. I was delighted to be included in the line-up, reading from ‘Reading the Signs’. Chris Tse kicked things off, with subsequent appearances by Mary McCallum, Richard Langston, Sam Duckor-Jones, Rachel McAlpine, Simon Sweetman, Oscar Sweetman, Maggie Rainey-Smith, Michael Fitzsimons, Ruby Solly and me.

You can watch them all here: Festive Panoply of Poets – Library Blog (

A few people have asked me where ‘Reading the Signs’ is available. Recent Wellington-based sightings include Food Court Books in Omārōrō Newtown, Good Books in Jessie St and Unity (pictured at lower left on the Unity poetry table below, in the very good company of ‘Meowing Part 1’ and many great books). I was also very pleased to find ‘Reading the Signs’ on Chris Tse’s reading list in the DomPost.

Hope you’re having a good break. Onwards and upwards for 2021!

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