Alice Spider Gets a Kick-start

Well, the Alice Spider book from Anomalous Press is fast becoming a reality.  You may have met Alice before, but this will be the most Alice there’s ever been in one place.  This is how she will look:

The Continuing Adventures of Alice Spider by Janis Freegard

The stunning artwork on the cover is by Kristen Necessary.

There is one last hurdle.  The lovely people at Anomalous Press are making six chapbooks altogether (small collections of poetry, of up to 40 pages) as a labour of love and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the funds together for printing.  They need $US5,000.  If you would like to support them – and receive books, postcards and other goodies in return (this is  a pre-order type deal rather than a charity drive) – here’s where you can pledge the amount you would like to pledge and a description of what you will receive.  Yes, I’ve already put my money where my mouth is, and huge thanks to everyone else who is supporting the campaign.

The Kickstarter link shows all the chapbooks being published and they look great!


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