Tuesday Poem – Virgin, Harvey Molloy


I burned in sleep; not knowing how to wake.

I danced
in a room with mirrored walls
in the company of identical dancers
and stopped alone to an empty room.

I danced to memory’s constant soundtrack
I danced to imagined concerts never performed.

Before you
I knew only humdrum adolescent wants
a fantasy book for the weekend
a scratch-free second-hand LP.

First night
the ceiling boundary lost in dark
the mirror stilled till morning
our fingers touched patchwork
where we were stitched, seamed; where we became undone.

We were flame, we were paper
we knew only our singular want.

We did not know; how could we know?
What we would be when we awoke.

Harvey Molloy


Thanks to Harvey for letting  me post this new, unpublished poem.

Harvey Molloy is a Wellington poet who blogs at http://harveymolloy.blogspot.com/

He is also author of the poetry collection ‘Moonshot’, published by Steele Roberts and pictured above.

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