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English: Image of the Full Moon rising over Te...

English: Image of the Full Moon rising over Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand) taken by Paul Moss 2002. Camera Pentax ME super, positive transparency. Deutsch: Vollmond über dem neuseeländischen Nationalmuseum Te Papa in Wellington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next Monday (23rd July 12:15pm), I will be in fine poetic company, reading at Te Papa in a curtain-raiser for National Poetry Day.  (OK, the moon won’t be rising in the night sky, but I liked the photo and it was in the public domain).  The other poets are Hera Lindsay Bird, Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle, Rob Hack, Dinah Hawken, Anna Jackson, Helen Lehndorf, Kate McKinstry, Bill Manhire, Harvey Molloy, Marty Smith, Ranui Taiapa and Tim Upperton, and we will be reading our Best New Zealand Poems from the 2011 online collection.

The event has previously been advertised as being in the marae at Te Papa, but please note there has a venue change and it will instead be held in the Telstra Clear Centre at Te Papa: go to Level 3, turn left out of the lift and walk over the bridge.  Hope to see you there!  This part of the IIML’s “Writers on Monday” series, which features many other fine lunchtime events.

Friday 27th, National Poetry Day, will see many other events around the country – NZ Booksellers has a list of what’s on.

So, no poem from me today, but there is always the Best NZ Poems site and of course, the other Tuesday Poems.




I burned in sleep; not knowing how to wake.

I danced
in a room with mirrored walls
in the company of identical dancers
and stopped alone to an empty room.

I danced to memory’s constant soundtrack
I danced to imagined concerts never performed.

Before you
I knew only humdrum adolescent wants
a fantasy book for the weekend
a scratch-free second-hand LP.

First night
the ceiling boundary lost in dark
the mirror stilled till morning
our fingers touched patchwork
where we were stitched, seamed; where we became undone.

We were flame, we were paper
we knew only our singular want.

We did not know; how could we know?
What we would be when we awoke.

Harvey Molloy


Thanks to Harvey for letting  me post this new, unpublished poem.

Harvey Molloy is a Wellington poet who blogs at

He is also author of the poetry collection ‘Moonshot’, published by Steele Roberts and pictured above.



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