Tuesday Poem – Lipstick Kisses


Tuesday Poem

Another one of mine this week.  It was first published in Poetry NZ 27.  You can get to the other Tuesday poems by clicking on the quill above.

Lipstick Kisses


the lipstick of a thousand windy women
blew off
on the cheek of a plain man

he lifted his fingers to his face
thought it was blood
‘I’ve been hit,’ he cried

crimson kisses
trickled down his body
pooled at his feet

crept into the nearest careless handbag


ah, Snow White
she tasted of red

hair black as a new moon night
the wildest of lovers
she was sweeter than dreams

burgundy kisses
she tasted of softness
tasted of red

oh, just to kiss her
to see her
just to kiss her again


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