Mark Pirie & Tim Jones talk to Lynn Freeman on Radio NZ about Voyagers, the new NZ science fiction poetry collection.

I may be biased – having a poem in the collection myself – but I’m finding it a great assortment of established and new poets with a wide range of poetic styles and interpretation of what science fiction poetry actually is.


  1. Thanks for this, Janis. We’ve been getting some very good responses to the book; a number of poets have told me they wished they’d had the chance to submit (of course, we’ve had to explain how the call for submissions was made back in 2004, but if we ever wanted to do a Volume 2, I don’t think we’d lack for submissions), and even more people have expressed surprise that there is such a thing as science fiction poetry, let alone New Zealand science fiction poetry. I’m not sure whether we’ve invented a new genre, or uncovered it!

  2. I agree (with everyone!) – I’m enjoying reading around within the book. I’m getting a new angle on a surprising number of people.

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