book launch invitation

You are invited to the launch of


AUP New Poets 3





What is it?

The launch of a poetry book by Janis Freegard,

Katherine Liddy and Reihana Robinson

followed by music from the fabulous Sans Souci


Where is it?

at the Mighty  Mighty  Bar in Cuba Mall

(upstairs between Rex Royale and Mr Bun)


When is it?

on Weds 13th August 08  5:30  – 7:30pm


Can I bring my friends? Workmates?  People I meet on the street?

The more the merrier!


What can I expect there?

poetry! at 6ish

  accordion music! at 6:30ish

  free spiders!

   fine company!

  cheese straws!


What if I hate poetry?

You can hang out at the bar with the other philistines until it’s over.


What’s with the spiders?

Janis’ section of the book is called ‘The Continuing Adventures of Alice Spider and Other Tales”

but only Janis will be there on account of the other two being overseas


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