Reasons to visit South Shields

1. It’s home of one of the best punk bands ever, the Angelic Upstarts.

2. It has beautiful beaches.

3. You can visit the remains of a Roman fort (Arbeia) there, if you like that sort of thing.

4. There’s lots of interesting birdlife and wild flowers, especially along the cliffs around Marsden.

5. South Shields people are really friendly.

6. There are some great restaurants.

7. My Nanna lives there and so does my aunty and my cousins.

8. Lifeboats were invented there (there’s a lovely example on display on Ocean Road).

9. You can get Minchella’s ice cream there.

10.  There are lots of very nice parks (we saw the Troggs playing in Bents Park last time we were there.)

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