Sir Julius Vogel Awards

Named for the former New Zealand Prime Minister who wrote Anno Domini 2000 – A Woman’s Destiny, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SSFANZ)’s annual awards are now open for nominations. Sir Julius Vogel Awards ( (Anno Domini 2000 – which I confess I haven’t read yet – is generally regarded as New Zealand’s first full-length science fiction novel and envisaged a utopian future with women holding many positions of authority)

Julius Vogel, ca 1870s.jpg

Anyone can make a nomination for the awards via SFFANZ’s webform. The works that will eventually appear on the voting form are determined by how many nominations each work gets. Members of SFFANZ and the National Science Fiction convention vote on the finalists.

I’m delighted that my book ‘Reading the Signs’ (published by The Cuba Press and featuring artwork by Neil Johnstone) has been nominated in the Best Production/Publication category. If you would like to help it along and give it a chance to get on the voting form, you can nominate it here: SJV Nominations – 2021 (

‘Reading the Signs’ contains poetry, science, speculation and magical realism

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