Tuesday Poem – Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate Hearts

inside that special separate world
for half a precious hour
we are not lawyers, marketers or policy analysts
not husbands, mothers or discarded lovers
we are Wellington coffee drinkers
on our first of the day
focusing carefully on the task at hand
a leisurely stirring
the spreading of butter on muffin
warmth and froth
and chocolate hearts on our saucers

Chocolate Heart On Coffee
Chocolate Heart On Coffee (Photo credit: Mark Lincoln)

I wrote this poem quite a while ago and it was later commended in the Whitireia ‘Eat Your Words’ cafe poetry competition in 2010.  It was inspired by a cafe I used to go to with Peter every morning before we started work, when I was working in Manners St.  The cafe was Sardine and is no longer there.  They did great muffins and great coffees, played good music and were always friendly.  Wellington is a city that runs on coffee – hats off to all those lovely baristas.

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