The Scottish Poetry Library

Scottish Poetry Library

A highlight of our recent trip to Edinburgh was the Scottish Poetry Library – a lovely tranquil space where you can while away the hours browsing the shelves, checking out the poetry magazines, buying the odd book, writing your own poetry or being impressed by the lovely little sculptures made out of books that have been anonymously appearing there.  There were more to be found at the Writers Museum.  Well worth a visits if you’re in Edinburgh and you like poetry (or little paper sculptures made out of books).  Best to check the opening times first, if you’re planning to drop by.    I gather there are other poetry libraries in London (South Bank Centre) and Morpeth, Northumberland (the Northern Poetry Library).  Something else to look forward to exploring.


  1. I followed the history of the paper sculptures but never found out who made them. Did anyone find out? Such a very cool thing to do! Lovely that you saw them, Helen McK.

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