Tuesday Poem – Turtles

My poem, Turtles, was originally published in blackmail press.  For other Tuesday poems, click here: Tuesday Poem



Some things aren’t meant to be understood:
Like electricity or war
You know they’re going on somewhere
But it’s best not to think about it
It could make your hair curl

Ann explains the turtle theory of light:
Behaving neither like a wave nor a particle
Light is more like a great string of turtles
Each holding the next one’s tail in its mouth
Like the pin in a grenade

What they do when they get to a light switch is
Anybody’s guess



  1. “Light is more like a great string of turtles / Each holding the next one’s tail in its mouth”

    I love that part, and imagine it as a micro-universe within a ray of light. Like Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld” series which I absolutely adore.

    The ending, tied in with the second line of the poem, made me think of war as a chain reaction.

  2. Oh whew. The lyricism of this poem pulled me straight in… I have a very soft spot for turtles so was not prepared for the shock of the third last line. The environmentalist/pacifist in me wants to beg you to remove the words ‘like a pin in a grenade’. My feeling is that the poem works even more splendidly without them? (with respect, Janis, and apologies for my candour.)
    Thank you… Claire

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