Tuesday Poem

I’ve chosen a poem by (Mary) Ursula Bethell this week (1874 – 1945).  She was born in England, moved to New Zealand as a child, returned to London as an adult, but finally settled  in Christchurch with her close companion, Effie Pollen.   The poem is ‘Detail’ and it was first published under the pseudonym Evelyn Hayes in From a Garden in the Antipodes (Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1929)

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My garage is a structure of excessive plainness,
It springs from a dry bank in the back garden,
It is made of corrugated iron,
And painted all over with brick-red.

But beside it I have planted a green Bay-tree,
– A sweet Bay, an Olive, a Turkey Fig,
– A Fig, an Olive, and a Bay.