Poetry, Photos, Hummingbirds

Thought it was time for a new header photo, so I’ve chosen the Moeraki boulders.  I took the photo when Peter and I were visiting Dunedin a couple of years ago, and we took a day trip to Moeraki (lunch at Fleur’s Place – yum) and Oamaru.

Speaking of photos, a while ago, I mentioned on this blog how one of my poems (Three Hummingbirds) had appeared in an altered state on another website.  After a couple of false starts, I was finally able to make contact with the site’s owner and, happily, we agreed on a solution.   I still prefer the full version of the poem, which you can read here, but here is the extract on Tom Davis’  unask photoblog (you’ll need to scroll down a bit).  It’s a great idea for a site, I think.  Poetry and photography seem to go very well together.

(The bit in the poem about the cup, the wardrobe and the spaghetti is based on a real conversation I had.)

Here are a couple more photos from the trip:


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