Janis in Iceland

Everyone should go to Iceland. I’m trying to think of a synonym for cool. But, you know. That’s just how it is.

ice lagoon & mountainsPrikiddrying shark meat

Left to right: an ice lagoon (glacier melting because of underground magma), a cafe we really liked in Reykjavik, shark meat drying at the shark museum

One comment

  1. I once spent the night in the airport in Reykjavik, because we stopped there to refuel on a Europe-US flight, and while we’d disembarked some genius cleaner on the plane opened a door and caused the emergency exit slide to inflate down onto the runway. You can’t just pack these things back in, so they had to bring in a new plane.

    I spent the evening looking out the windows at the volcanic rock and trying my luck with buying music from Icelandic bands I’d never heard of. I remember boxes for donating money to plant trees. We couldn’t leave the airport – no visas! They fed us dinner and breakfast the next morning. I slept on the floor. We flew out early the next day.

    Your Iceland sounds better than mine!

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