six little things

1. I’m very pleased to have an offering in the latest edition (the Glass Rooster issue) of six little things – a wonderful website devoted to prose poems/ very nice paragraphs. I recommend having a browse.

2. I’m also very pleased to have another bird-related poem, Magpie, in the latest Poetry NZ. It’s an interesting issue of PNZ, perhaps a little more experimental and eclectic than usual. Jen Crawford is the feature poet.

3. I’ve just got back from a fantastic 10 day holiday – we started in New Plymouth, having a wonderful time at WOMAD, then, over the next week, drove to Te Kuiti, Kawhia, Raglan, Whangarei, Cape Reinga, Spirits Bay, Kohukohu, Auckland and back to Wellies. Weather was fantastic, beaches & harbours were beautiful, New Zealand is a fine place.

4. One of the drawcards of this year’s WOMAD was alt folk group Rachel Unthank & the Winterset. Rachel & Becky Unthank are from the North-East of England (just like me, only they have the proper accents) and sing traditional songs with beautiful voices and interesting arrangements, backed by fine musicians & singers. Spellbinding.

5. Another drawcard was the chanting Gyuto monks – in exile from Tibet ( – recording from WOMAD 2007).

6. Te Rerenga Wairua / Cape Reinga – northernmost point of NZ, where spirits jump off


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