Poetry and Planning

My main writing project at the moment (apart from the novel looking resentful and neglected on top of my printer) is organising The Launch.  My two fellow poets (sister poets?) are overseas, so there’s no hope of a joint event.  Instead I am endeavouring to organise a bit of a do in Wellington, during which I will subject my friends, colleagues and uninterested observers to a small dose of poetry.  Some will like it, some will clap politely whilst stealing surreptitious glances at their watches and some will hide out at the bar until it’s over.  (A bit like life, really).

Planning is under way.  The word “Planning” is included in my job title, so I feel I ought to have a few clues by now.  Mostly it’s about making lists of things to do and writing people’s names next to them.  Must get on to that.  No, really, I have taken action already and made a phone call and sent an email.  I’m hoping it will all happen at Mighty Mighty on Weds 13th August (just need to confirm a few things).  I will be offering free spiders.  Watch this space.

Friday 18th July, of course, is Montana Poetry Day and there will be jolly poetry events all across New Zealand (hurrah!).  Personally, I shall be trekking to the City Gallery at lunchtime for a movie about Maori poets and in the evening will venture forth to the Newtown Public Library for an open mike session (read your own or someone else’s – I hope to do both).  There’s also the all day poetry marathon at the Bucket Fountain in Manners Mall.  Yay!


  1. Hello Janis O Sister Poet! AH from AUP kindly sent a link to your blog and I am very much enjoying the read.
    Did you have the launch already? If not, I will send my spiritual support. If so, how did it go and did you read your Alice sequence to go with the spiders?
    I am thinking about doing something here (Vancouver) for a launch but not sure what yet. Hoping to find inspiration here!

  2. Hi Katherine, lovely to hear from you!
    No launch quite yet, but the plans are coming together nicely. Should be a good combination of poetry, music and wine. Would be lovely to have the three of us linking up via video-conferencing, but I think that’s beyond my technological competence…
    13th August is looking like a promising date and the books should be in the shops by then – all very exciting.

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